Chavant Castilene Hard Block 2.5/lbs

3.00 LBS

Product Overview

Casteline is a new sculpture and prototype modeling compound. It is available in three consistencies (soft, medium & hard). Easily softened in sunlight, under light bulbs or just by the heat of your hands. Casteline models like clay and works like wax. It can also be melted down and poured. This allows for easy manipulation. It is sulfur free and a favorite among many toy and prototype designers. Size: 2-1/2 Lbs approx.
Models like clay
Works like wax
Lightweight; 40% lighter than Plastiline
Self supporting without armature
All grades are compatible
Hard Grade used for armature and building up piece, as well as, sharp detail
Medium Grade used for detailing and modeling
Soft Grade works like clay and is more susceptible to dings and bruising
Castilene is compatible for use with silicones and other liquid molding rubbers

To Begin with Castilene
Soften with a variety of heat sources including heat lamps, hot boxes, heat guns, crock pots, microwave ovens, hot water or double boilers. DO NOT USE A DIRECT FLAME. Regardless of the heat source, avoid heating above 170° F or air bubbles may result. Castilene can be melted and poured at about 170° F. The strength and light weight of Castilene allows sculpting without a wire armature in many cases.
Working with Castilene
Hard Castilene will remain malleable while working if kept warm. All three hardnesses are compatible with one another. Hard Castilene can be used as an armature and soft or medium Castilene can be applied on top of the hard. All generic wax tools and wax carving methods are compatible with Castilene. Heat tools before carving. Chill Castilene to achieve optimum hardness for high detail and burnishing.
Polishing and Finishing Methods
Use wax compatible products including Goo Gone, De-Solv-it, d-limonene or Prepsol based products. Mineral oil, Turpinoid and petroleum products will lubricate the surface. Polish with Chiffon, nylon or burnishing tools. Castilene does not inhibit silicone or other mold rubbers. Castilene can be burned out for lost wax casting.