Chavant NSP

2.00 LBS

Product Overview

Chavant is the leading name in sculpting and modeling clay. NSP (Non Sulfurated Plasteline), is a line of professional, SULFUR-FREE sculpting clays. Replacing sulfur minimizes difficulties associated with mold making using silicone rubber. The NSP clay can be melted and poured at approximately 185 degrees F. Available in Soft (Brown), Medium (Brown) or Hard (Brown & Green). All blocks are 2lbs. of clay.

What is the difference in the hardness of the clay? Generally, the soft clay is for larger projects where serious detail is not needed (such as large props). The soft clay can be molded by hand or with tools. The medium clay is ideal for sculpting items such as masks - some detail is needed on a moderate sized project. The hard clay is recommended for smaller projects or where serious detail is a MUST. Generally the hard clay is sculpted with tools as it may be too difficult to mold by hand. All of the clays (soft, medium and hard) can be softened by warming them up