Fuse FX

FuseFX can only be USED ON PLATINUM BASE SILICONES and cannot be used on Tin Base.

Once the paint is mixed, it will have a 10 minute “pot life”. This means you will have about 10 minutes before the paint starts to gel and is no longer usable. Heat and high temperature will shorten the pot life. A longer pot life is achieved when adding solvents.

For best results the silicone skin/surface should be painted as soon as possible after demolding. We recommend that the cured piece to be painted, be no more than 2 days old. For older surfaces, wetsanding with 400 grit Wet/Dry Sandpaper may be required. Always run a small test.

Clean all surfaces that will contact FuseFX Paints - All surfaces to be painted need to be free of any contaminants (especially mold release). If necessary, clean all surfaces with solvent (Toluene, Xylene, or Naphtha), and allow to dry before painting.

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