HydroStone 50 lb

55.00 LBS

Product Overview

Hydro-Stone gypsum cement is especially suitable where high strength and resistance to water absorption are necessary. It is ideal for applications in both the tooling & prototyping and art & statuary categories.

Hydro-Stone Gypsum Cement - For Tooling & Prototyping

Hydro-Stone gypsum cement is ideal for stretch-press dies where extreme surface hardness is required. Offering greater expansion than Hydrocal A-11 or B-11 gypsum cements, Hydro-Stone gypsum cement:

  • Features a heavy, syrupy consistency, ideal for pouring into solid models or patterns (and making it ideal for filling multiple molds simultaneously)
  • Adapts to most flexible moulding compounds, due to its high absorption resistance
  • Sets in 17-20 minutes, after machine mixing
  • Requires 32 parts water by weight per 100 parts plaster.

NOTE - For best storage results, keep indoors in a dry, stable environment, away from drafts.

Hydro-Stone Gypsum Cement - For Art & Statuary

One of the hardest and strongest Hydrocal products, Hydro-Stone gypsum cement is used in the fabrication of high-quality art novelty and statuary castings. Offering excellent paintability, Hydro-Stone gypsum cement:

  • Can duplicate extremely fine details
  • Works well in plaster and most flexible moulding compounds
  • Is self-leveling, with low viscosity
  • Provides fast set time for quick mold turns

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