Weld-On #2354

1.00 LBS

Product Overview

SciGrip Weld-On #2354 is formulated for bonding ABS, styrene (general purpose high impact), acrylics and polycarbonates to themselves. It should not be used for joining dissimilar materials such as: ABS to styrene, ABS to acrylics, ABS to PVC or PVC to styrene.

SciGrip Weld-On #2354 is recommended for joining ABS, styrene and acrylics to themselves where a water-thin cement is desired. It is suitable and used on both large assemblies and small delicate assemblies. These include a wide variety of items: signs, large displays, lighting fixtures, housewares, electrical assemblies, decorator items and many other fabrications.

SHIPPING NOTE: This material can ship Fedex Home Delivery or Fedex Ground with no additional fees, however it is a hazardous material when shipped express (2Day, Overnight, etc.). Because of the type of material the only express shipping option available is Priority Overnight. If you choose this option we will contact you with additional shipping costs as our online freight calculator is unable to properly estimate shipping. Thank you for your understanding.

Technical Bulletin