TASK™ 16

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Product Overview

TASK™ 16 is a low odor, fast-setting Shore 80A/30D urethane that offers very high tear strength, impact resistance and wear resistance. TASK™ 16 is phthalate free, mercury free and MOCA free. Mixed one part A to two parts B by weight, TASK™ 16 pours easily. Working time is 6 minutes and handling time is 90 minutes at room temperature. Cured rubber has exceptional performance characteristics and dimensional stability. TASK™ 16 can be colored with SO-Strong™ or Ignite™ colorants.

TASK™ 16 is suitable for making fast mechanical parts, gaskets, wheels and pullies, impact resistant props, and archival master models. It is also used to make fast, wear resistant rubber molds for casting concrete or concrete stamping pads. TASK™ 16 is also an excellent choice for rotocasting to create hollow semi-rigid castings.

IMPORTANT: Cured TASK™ 16 will inhibit the cure of liquid platinum silicone. You can not pour platinum silicone into cured TASK™ 16. Tin silicone must be used if you intend to pour silicone against cured TASK™ 16.