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Smooth-Cast 320 Series

The Smooth-Cast® 320 Series consists of ultra-low viscosity casting resins that yield virtually bubble-free off-white castings. The Smooth-Cast® 320 resins are sister products to our popular Smooth-Cast® 300 Series of bright white plastics, but are easier to color using SO-Strong® or Ignite® color tints. Smooth-Cast® 320 series is easy to mix and pour, offering the convenience of a 1A:1B by volume or 100A : 90B by weight mix ratio.

The Smooth-Cast® 320 Series resins readily accept pigments and fillers (such as URE-FIL® 3, 5 and 7 from Smooth-On). Fully cured castings are tough, durable, machinable and paintable. They resist moisture and mild solvents. Applications for Smooth-Cast® 320 Series resins include reproducing small to medium size sculptures, making prototype models, special effect props, decorative jewelry and taxidermy (bones, antlers, teeth etc.).

Smooth-Cast 320 - 10 minute demold time
Smooth-Cast 321 - 30 minute demold time
Smooth-Cast 322 - 2-4 hour demold time

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