Mold Max™ 15T

$32.36 - $450.58
0.00 LBS

Product Overview

Mold Max™ 15T silicone is a water white translucent tin cured silicone rubber compound that has exceptional tear strength and working properties. It features Smooth-On’s “Libra™” catalyst for long library life. Mixed 100A:10B by weight, vacuum degassing is recommended for de-airing. Rubber cures overnight at room temperature.

NOTE: Mold Max™ ‘T’ series silicones should NOT be used to make molds for casting Crystal Clear™ or Clear Flex™ Series urethanes.

Important: you must weigh Part A & B components using a gram scale to be successful with Mold Max™ 15T.

Mold Max™ ‘T’ silicones can be thickened with Thi-Vex™ thickener for brush-on application and effects. An infinite number of color effects can be achieved by adding Silc Pig™ silicone pigments or Cast Magic™ effects powders.