Dragon Skin™ 10 NV

$35.37 - $998.06
0.00 LBS

Product Overview

Dragon Skin™ 10 NV is a low viscosity, high performance platinum cure silicone rubber that is easy to use and versatile. Mix ratio is 1A:1B by weight or volume, pot life is 15 minutes and cure time is 75 minutes at room temperature. Rubber cures with negligible shrinkage to a Shore 10A. Vacuum degassing is not necessary. Color is water white translucent.

Dragon Skin™ 10 NV is suitable for making molds of any configuration for casting plasters, wax, low-melt temperature metal alloys, resins and other platinum silicones (release agent required).

Dragon Skin™ 10 NV is compatible with other Dragon Skin™ rubbers and is also suitable for special effects applications. Color can be added with Silc Pig™ or Silc Pig Electric™ color pigments. This rubber can be thickened with Thi-Vex™ thickening agent or softened with SLACKER™ additive.