BodyGel (880) Alginate

$34.31 - $463.31
4.00 LBS

Product Overview

Technical Bulletin

Big projects like torsos and heads require more working time. Between having to mix more and apply more- working time is at a premium. BodyGel (880) gives you plenty of time even for the largest projects.

  • Mixes very thick
  • Goes on like cake frosting rather than pancake batter
  • Stays where you put it- less drip
  • Waste is at a minimum vs. ordinary alginates
  • Sets in about 8 minutes when using 80°F water
  • VERY strong and flexible when set

Available in 2.5, 5, 25 and 50 pound bags. For larger orders, please contact us.

  • Takes about .75 pounds to do a half torso
  • Takes about 1.5 pounds to do a full torso
  • Takes about 1.25 pounds to do a full head/neck/shoulders
  • This product is also great for working in very warm weather