Aqua-Veil 10 yd, 30 mil x 40"

2.00 LBS

Product Overview

Aqua-Veil surfacing veil is an easy to use, safe and minimally irritating, continuous or long strand fiberglass mat material with multiple uses in Aqua-Resin laminating, and foam-coating applications. Aqua-Veil can be used to both strengthen and unify a thinly applied gel/surface coat on a mold surface, and in doing so prevent cracking or premature release of the gel coat from the mold surface. In addition it can be post-applied to already cured, or curing part surfaces to provide a smoother surface for sanding and other finishing operations. Two primary uses for Aqua-Veil are Foam-Coating and gel/surface coats. Because of its specially formulated soluble binder, the individual glass filaments easily separate when brush applied into a wet Aqua-Resin mix, allowing the Aqua-Veil to fully assume the three-dimensional contour of the surface to which it is applied.