Worbla Black

5.00 LBS

Product Overview

The makers of Worbla’s Finest Art have unveiled a new addition to their lineup: Worbla’s Black Art.

Similar to Worbla’s Finest (often called just Worbla), Worbla’s Black Art is a thermoplastic that activates at 90C (195F) and becomes moldable and shapeable by hand. It has the same self adhesive properties that allow pieces to be directly joined, and has 0% waste as all scraps can be reblended and reused. Anything you can make with Worbla’s Finest you can make with Worbla’s Black – with one major change.

Worbla’s Black Art has been designed with artists and crafters in mind, and has been made to give a smoother finish than Worbla’s Finest, as well as being able to take far finer detail both for sculpting and for building detail onto a piece.

In short: Worbla’s Black Art lets you spend far less time priming to get a shiny surface, and can even be left unprimed for a surface closer to EVA foam, and takes fine, sharp detail better than Worbla’s Finest Art can achieve.