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Reel Creations Quick Cover Kit - Med-Lite


Product Overview

Reel Quik Cover is an economical package for the bride or people (both male and female) who need a long lasting cover up for every day activities or special events. Designed as a quick fix for pimples, blemishes, scars, birthmarks, small tattoos and other unsightly marks. REEL Quik Cover Kits are available in Lite, Medium-Lite, Medium, Medium-Dark and Dark. Use by itself or apply make up over the Quik Covered area. Use Quik Cover the same as you would use REEL Color Palettes. Reel Quik Fix is a combination of four colors that can be used to tone the various lighter shades of the Reel Quik Cover Kit. Or if you are creative you can mix some of these shades to use as a cover up without the aid of the Reel Quik Cover Kit. Reel Quik Toner Kit is used to tone the darker shades of the Reel Quik Cover Kits. You may need more auburn, yellow ochre, green, etc. to get the exact skin color you are trying to achieve. Colors contained in this kit are Red Neutralizer, Lite Toner, Desert Sand, and Lite Olive.