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Reel Creations Greg Cannom "Aging" Palette


Product Overview

Greg Cannom, along with REEL Creations, has developed the definitive aging makeup colors to represent the main colors he uses for this process. Greg is famous for his 'old age' make-ups, and the most widely recognized character 'Rose' in the movie "Titanic" was one of his aging masterpieces. No makeup artist would want to be without this great palette to complete their aging makeups for the most realistic looking results.
Each well in this palette contains a generous amount of color, including Autumn, Autumn Leaf, Taupe, Red Brown, Porcelain, Blush, Apricot Nectar, Medium Brown, Raisin, Shadower. The colors can be used with PAX, rubber mask grease, foam latex, gelatin, plastic and silicone appliances. Dries quickly. For wet or shiny skin effects, use glycerin or water.
The colors in this palette must be be activated for use with 99% alcohol or a like product such as Telesis ISO GEL, MM-1111, or REEL Creations Developer, MM-1182. Once applied it requires very little touch up other than an occasional powdering. Do NOT use any oil or oil based products.FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY.
REEL CREATIONS™ products are manufactured by long time veteran Hollywood makeup artist and multiple Emmy Award winner, Fred Blau. His 40 plus years of knowledge in cosmetic chemistry and formulation of specialized cosmetics for the film and television industry is highly regarded by makeup and special makeup effects artists.