HWFF Crafters Scroll Table Kit - K03

3.00 LBS

Product Overview

Set includes a single-temperature plug-in-the-wall Crafters Power Supply, Hot Wire Foam Factory Instructional DVD and the Original Scroll Table with 4 cutting blades. Our Scroll Table is 12" x 14" with a 9.75" high cut. The distance from the cutting wire to the back of the table is approximately 9", and you can make as long a cut as you want in the other direction. Makes accurate straight edges, strips, angles, curves, cylinders, cones, etc. A simple adjustment allows you to make angle cuts.

This is the world's best foam cutting tool for modeling buildings, slicing walls, making columns, custom signs, and much, much more. Made of industrial strength ABS plastic and comes with four (4) long life 10.5 " Precision Scroll Table Blades.

The DVD shows you all the basics you need to get started immediately and make just about any shape imaginable out of polystyrene foam. The best techniques for painting and gluing, plus tons of handy tips. The power supply has a 6' cord and the tool has a 6' cord, giving you 12' of cord total. Works with both the included power supply and our Pro Variable Heat Power Station.