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GM Foam Latex

$38.67 - $404.00

Product Overview

GM Foam is ideal for prosthetic makeup appliances and animatronic creature skins. It can be made to feel extremely soft, or dense and tough like leather, depending on the procedure and additives used. GM Foam is also used for costuming and for stop-motion animation figures. In comparison with other foam latex systems, GM Foam is easier to use and is more durable. It gels more consistently, with predictable results. Run after run will come out of the molds the same every time. You have fewer reject parts, making GM Foam the cost-effective choice. Cell size and flexibility are far superior to urethanes.

WARNING: THIS ITEM MAY FREEZE!! This item has the potential to freeze, which will damage the product. During the winter months if you are shipping to a climate with freezing temperatures please ship your material overnight to avoid product damage. We cannot be responsible for items that freeze during Ground or Home Delivery shipping, so please use those shipping options at your own risk. Thank you for your understanding.